Date: 2011-12-21 12:17 pm (UTC)
For my three -- [Bad username or site: doestheickyjobs title= @], [Bad username or site: greatcuppajoe title= @] and [Bad username or site: freecssofnature title= @]:

Energy Vampirism
May Muraki:
Absorb energy from a near distance? Axel: yes; Hanekoma: no, he's on a level significantly above 'god of death' and while not impervious to everything he can avoid & block that kind of thing; Gon: yes but he'll notice and may react violently.
Absorb energy through casual touch? Same as above!
Absorb energy during sex? See below.
Drain their energy if they're seriously injured/dying? This moves Hanekoma and Gon both into the "yes" column, if they are injured to the point of unconsciousness and/or imminent death.

Dark Magic
May Muraki:
Cast a curse on someone? Yes all around, Hanekoma will notice and may be able to counter it (we'd have to discuss that.) Would prefer to talk about it so we can work out the repercussions if the situation ever comes up!

Mind Control
May Muraki:
Read a person's thoughts/memories by touching their forehead? Gon and Axel yes, Hanekoma no, though he may pick up some surface thoughts.
Toy with their memories? Please contact me about this. Hanekoma's a blanket no.

Sensual stuff
May Muraki:
Flirt with someone? Yes to all.
Nuzzle someone? Yes to all.
Grope someone? Yes to all.
Make out with someone? Axel and Gon will probably start responding with violence after the groping. Muraki isn't Hanekoma's type, so just skip down two:
Have sex with someone? It wouldn't be consensual for any of them, so see below:
Rape/sexually assault them? Please contact me if this comes up. Auto-no for Gon, who's 13.

Bloody things
May Muraki:
Torture someone? If he gets them under his control, blanket yes.
Injure them? Yes to all.
Experiment on them? If he gets them under his control, blanket yes.
Kill/murder them? Would want to play this out; all of them would fight him if he tried, and Gon and Hanekoma are very badass fighters.
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