Date: 2011-12-22 02:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] taijiya
Energy Vampirism
May Muraki:
Absorb energy from a near distance? Yes!
Absorb energy through casual touch? Yes, but she'll give him a weird look.
Absorb energy during sex? Sango won't be having sex with him. :|
Drain their energy if they're seriously injured/dying? Please ask, but probably yes. ♥

Dark Magic
May Muraki:
Cast a curse on someone? Depends on the curse and I would like to be asked OOCly first.

Mind Control
May Muraki:
Read a person's thoughts/memories by touching their forehead? Sure!
Toy with their memories? Sure~

Sensual stuff
May Muraki:
Flirt with someone? Yes, but it won't be well-received. (i.e. he might get slapped.)
Nuzzle someone? Yes, but it won't be well-received. (i.e. he might get slapped.)
Grope someone? See above.
Make out with someone? He can try but he's gonna get slapped--or worse.
Have sex with someone? She... will not be having sex with him. :|
Rape/sexually assault them? Um... if you really really want to plot something like this, please come to me OOCly, but under normal circumstances... no. :/

Bloody things
May Muraki:
Torture someone? Would like OOC communication first.
Injure them? Sure!
Experiment on them? Also would like OOC communication first.
Kill/murder them? Serious OOC communication, kthx.
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