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So... His Paleness is given to engaging in some questionable stuff, but fear not: I won't let him do anything to any of yours without your express permission. You can use the code below to reply in the comments:

Energy Vampirism
May Muraki:
Absorb energy from a near distance?
Absorb energy through casual touch?
Absorb energy during sex?
Drain their energy if they're seriously injured/dying?

Dark Magic
May Muraki:
Cast a curse on someone?

Mind Control
May Muraki:
Read a person's thoughts/memories by touching their forehead?
Toy with their memories?

Sensual stuff
May Muraki:
Flirt with someone?
Nuzzle someone?
Grope someone?
Make out with someone?
Have sex with someone?
Rape/sexually assault them?

Bloody things
May Muraki:
Torture someone?
Injure them?
Experiment on them?
Kill/murder them?

Date: 2012-01-21 03:20 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mouthbreathe
Everything is all right for Yaha.

But then all mind control, sensual and bloody things need to be asked to Muraki. Yaha has the ability to hypnotize people with hypno-eyes, so long as Muraki has his glasses off. If he has them on, his power is disrupted and can break out of it. Also if Muraki has a strong will, then that too can pull away. So, those are my questions in turn.


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